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Welcome to the official home to StormTEAM 4 and the Gamma 9 Weather Center

It's our promise to you to never say more than we know & to responsibly convey information to you in a way to inform, prepare, educate & when necessary, calmly alert you of dangerous weather. We will NEVER hype a situation unless we are very confident about it coming true. You will ALWAYS be able to count on us for a dependable, accurate forecast.

We all want to remind you that most significant events can't be accurately forecasted past 5 days & anything after that is unreliable because the science hasnít advanced enough to reliably forecast beyond that time frame.

The bottom line really is: be alert, be prepared, but also be wary of long-range projections that go beyond what the science can offer.

-Chief Meteorologist Patrick Bigbie

We are a small, non-funded independent group of meteorologists, researchers, and trained SkyWarn storm spotters
that provide forecasts, updated weather, weather facts, and live radar. When severe weather comes around,
we are the first to keep you updated throughout the event until it is completely out of the area.
We will also provide coverage of significant weather events that impact any part of the United States.

We cover areas around the Chattahoochee Valley in East Alabama & Western Georgia, as well as, Coastal Alabama and surrounding counties.

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